If you are interested in attaining a solid foundation in Drawing, Perspective, Proportion and Drafting you are at the right place. Having taught for a number of years I discovered that the genuine desire to become an Artist, an Architect, A Designer or simply a strong curiosity towards making and representation can create miracles -- anything is possible with strong zeal and correct education.

Talent does play a role in one's success, however zeal, perseverance, and quality of schooling takes precedent.

My curriculum consists of the following consecutive steps :

  1. Solid foundation in free-hand drawing. Working from Life.
  2. Mastery of drafting.
  3. Basis of Color (Tone Value and Distance)
  4. Working in 3D (modeling or sculpture based on the student's interest)
  5. Focus on the student's Unique Passions.

Please contact me with any inquiries or to schedule your first class.

Cost of the classes range from $40 - $80 per session based on duration and the goals of the students.

Portfolio Prep packages are available!!!



We are very excited to help your passion give form to your talent. Ready?